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Get The Math

(Modified from Donna Murray’s Blog:  Explore the Possibilities.)

Click the Icon to check out the Get the Math website.

Looking for ways to incorporate real world experiences into middle and high school math classes?

Get The Math provides algebra-based real-world challenges for middle and high school students. The challenges focus on fashion, videogame design, and music production.  Students are provided with an interactive problem to solve. By watching video segments where professionals encounter algebraic problems, students become engaged and use interactive tools within the website to try and solve problems themselves.  Students then return to the video to see the professional team’s solution.

This site includes lesson plans and related resources for teachers as well.

Watch this short video to see how you can use Get The Math to support algebra instruction in your classroom. http://www.thirteen.org/get-the-math/teachers/overview-of-the-lessons/26/


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Thinking Outside the Instructional Box: The Flipped Classroom

We have all heard that our  21st century students need hands-on, interactive experiences.  Teachers today are being asked to teach in ways that they were not taught  — with technology that is brand new and often unfamiliar. How exciting…..and scary…all at the same time.

One controversial method of building in more hands-on class time is called the Flipped Classroom Model.  The major difference in this model and traditional instruction is that teachers videotape lectures they would generally provide in class, and students access them online as homework.  This trend, although not new, is gaining popularity with teachers who are thinking outside the box to find ways to preserve instructional time for students to explore, collaborate, create, build, and experience the curriculum.

Check out Aaron Sams’ classroom as he explains why he flipped his classroom. Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann were early adopters of the flipped classroom. Both Sams and Bergmann currently teach in Woodland Park High School in Colorado.  They are writing a book about the Flipped Class.

Learn more about Aaron and Jonathan’s philosophies and how their flipped classrooms came to be by clicking here.

Still interested?

Read the latest article here from Ed Week about the flipped classroom:  Lectures are Homework in Schools Taking Khan Academy Lead

Want to learn more about The Flipped Classroom?  Click here!

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Try Zamzar

Many times I hear teachers say, “I found a GREAT short video that I want to use in my class, but I don’t have a solid Internet connection. Every time I try to show a video, it just locks up!”

With Zamzar, an Internet connection just isn’t necessary to share video with your class. Here is how it works.

1) Find a “short” video you like. (Must be under 100 MB)
2) Copy and Paste the URL at www.zamzar.com.
3) Click “Convert to AVI.”
4) Input your E-mail address.
5) Zamzar will send you an E-mail when your file is converted. (Usually about three minutes)
6) Use media in your classroom without worrying about Internet!

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