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Text Graffiti: Previewing Challenging Topics

The Teaching Channel has some exceptional videos of classrooms where strategies are being implemented that align with the Common Core State Standards.  Check out this strategy called “Text Graffiti” that aligns with Reading Literature Standard 1 for Grade 8.

Click on this image to see how text graffiti helps student preview a text.


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The SIFT Method of Analyzing Literature

If you are an English or Language Arts teacher looking for a way to help students analyze a complex text effectively, then perhaps you should try the SIFT method.  With all this talk of “text complexity” and “grappling with text,” this video offers an example of what this looks like with adolescents.

Check out how Meagan Berkowitz uses this method to help her students compare and contrast two poems.

Click on the photo to see how Berkowitz uses the SIFT method.

Tackling Complex Texts with Success

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