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Looking for Basic Information? Try Qwiki!

Click the icon above to visit Qwiki

Qwiki is a technology company pioneering a new media format that combines the appeal of video with the interactivity of the web. Each “Qwiki” is easily created through a browser – enabling users to combine pictures, videos, infographics and their own voice into a beautiful, interactive presentation describing anything. Qwiki has raised approximately $11 million in funding from a number of top-tier investors, including the co-founders of Facebook, Groupon and YouTube.

Qwiki was recently recognized by Apple as the 2011 iPad App of the year in the Search & Reference category, with ~1 million downloads. We won the TechCrunch Disrupt (San Francisco 2010) startup competition in 2010 and The New York Times has called us “…a seed that will blossom into another Internet wonder.”

I found Qwiki to be a great way to get and share information in a high-interest format. The best thing about Qwiki? It’s free! Take a few minutes to explore the Qwiki site. Type in a topic, and see what you can learn.


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Try Zamzar

Many times I hear teachers say, “I found a GREAT short video that I want to use in my class, but I don’t have a solid Internet connection. Every time I try to show a video, it just locks up!”

With Zamzar, an Internet connection just isn’t necessary to share video with your class. Here is how it works.

1) Find a “short” video you like. (Must be under 100 MB)
2) Copy and Paste the URL at www.zamzar.com.
3) Click “Convert to AVI.”
4) Input your E-mail address.
5) Zamzar will send you an E-mail when your file is converted. (Usually about three minutes)
6) Use media in your classroom without worrying about Internet!

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