Need Support with Information Literacy: IRIS is a Great Place to Start

The research process is so comprehensive that although you know what you want your students to do, they are often at such varying levels of ability and understanding that beginning a research project can be overwhelming for you and for them. Since Information Literacy is such a major part of the 21st century research process, students must have a working understanding of how to put the pieces of the research puzzle together.

Choose from a variety of modules to support your students through each stage of the research process.

IRIS, the Seattle Community Colleges Information, Research, and Instruction Site, provides students with multiple modules to complete on everything from the research process, to analyzing sources.  There are even modules on plagiarism, primary and secondary sources, and how to explore a variety of different print and non-print sources.  IRIS also has quizzes that students can take after they complete the tutorials so that they can assess their understanding of a topic.

There are multiple classroom implications for this site.  First, teachers can differentiate and assign modules as students need them. They can also jigsaw these modules and have students share what they learn with classmates.  Or, students could complete specific modules simultaneously and discuss their impact on the research they are doing.  No matter how students use this site, they will find an easy to navigate, student-friendly resource for understanding the research process.

I read through several of the modules and found that they are appropriate for high school students, and with some support most middle school students can handle these modules.


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