Does your Candidate Support your Beliefs?

Click the photo above to take the quiz.

USA Today has a wonderful free resource called The Teacher’s Lounge (more on that in a later post), and when I was exploring that site, I happened upon The Candidate Match Game.  This short 11-question quiz will challenge you and your students to take a stand on issues from energy to defense and from medicare to immigration.

The quiz works like this:  Multiple-choice questions pop up on the screen one at a time.  After you answer the questions, your top three most compatible presidential candidates are revealed.  Then, you can click on the bar graph below the icon that represents you or the candidates to see their stances on each issue.

As an educator, I certainly wish there had a been a question added about education. It would have made for interesting conversation with students.    However, there are still many wonderful teachable moments within this resource.  First, we get a clear definition of where each candidate stands on these important issues.  In addition, we realize that we may need to do more to educate ourselves on the impact of some of the positions of all the candidates.  We may also realize that just because a candidate has a certain political affiliation, he/she may not share the same values/beliefs as we do.  One thing I learned from my experience with this quiz is that I need to research the implications that some of the positions will have on our country 5, 10, and even 20 years down the road.  (You will see what I mean when you take the quiz and begin to think about where you REALLY stand on these issues.)

I sure would like to be a classroom teacher right now to hear what my students learned from this quiz and from a student-led discussion around these issues.


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