6 Cs of Primary Source Analysis

As we draw closer to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards, many of you are already developing your local curricula.  If you are an ELA or Social Studies teacher, you may find this resource helpful.  Created as part of The History Project at the University of California  – Irvine, this one-pager asks students to consider 6 Cs about their primary source documents.

Those Cs include:

Content (Main Idea:  Describe in detail what you see.)

Citation (Author/Creator:  When was this created?)

Context (What is going on in the world, the country, the region, or the locality when this document was created?)

Connections (Prior Knowledge:  Link this primary source to other things you already know or have learned about.)

Communication  (Point-of-View or Bias:  Is this source reliable?)

Conclusions (How does this primary source contribute to our understanding of history?)

Whether you use this handout as is or modify it to meet your needs, the questions help students analyze, synthesize, and make personal connections to primary source materials.  Furthermore, the document also provides questions that ask students to consider questions they have about the source as well as what other documents they think might help them with a deeper understanding of the topic.



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