New Changes to Delicious are Simply Divine!

When Delicious first introduced “stacks,” I was not completely sold on their functionality.  Then, I took time to really play with the “stacks” function.  And… I love it!  I began to realize all of the potential that this new element of Delicious can have on classroom instruction.

In case you aren’t familiar with this site, Delicious is a free social bookmarking web resource for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.

Click on this video to see how stacks work!

As 21st century educators, one of our charges is to teach students to be media literate.  We throw around this terms, but one important component of teaching students to be savvy consumers of media is teaching them how to navigate resources on the web.  How do we teach students about how to access reliable, factual information?  Delicious stacks can help in a number of ways.

Students with Little Research Experience:  The teacher can create a stack on a topic the teacher wants the students to research.  The teacher can provide the link to that stack, and students would use only websites in the stack to conduct their research.

Students with some Research Experience:  Students could create a Delicious Stack of every site they use in their research.  This would help students on a number of levels.  First, they could quickly revisit any site where they retrieved information.  Next, teachers or peers could review student resources to check for reliability.  Then, students could use the text option to write a description of what they found on this site.  Their comments could be helpful if they use their stacks to collaborate and share ideas with other classmates.

Savvy Researchers:  As part of a research assignment, one of the components of the rubric could be to create Delicious stack as part of their final product.  This stack along with the text description could help serve the purpose of our notecards of old.  These stacks can also provide teachers with a quick resource to check citations and reliability of information.


For a short read on eight ways to tell if a website is reliable, share this article with students:  Eight Ways to Tell if a Website is Reliable


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