Reading, Reading, Reading!

A great summer read

A great summer read

My latest read...

My latest read...

Since I began my vacation in July, I have been reading for pleasure. When I say “reading,” I really mean READING! I have been moving through some books for the sheer enjoyment of getting lost in the plot, the characters, and the language of books. Check out my Shelfari page to see what I am reading now.

Sometimes when I get lost in the hustle and bustle of working, prepping for work, making sure Jackson is ready for school, making sure he has eaten, etc….. I forget how much I enjoy books… It is like rediscovering an old love affair over and again. And…every time I start reading, I wonder why I stopped.

Something is seriously wrong with my priorities when I go for months at a time without reading for pleasure. So, although it is July, I am making a “New Year’s Resolution.” I feel this is appropriate since it is, in fact, the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. My resolution is to continue reading for pleasure, even if only a few pages a day rather than a few hundred pages.

I have recently discovered Jane Green, and I have enjoyed the way she weaves a story. She is magnificent for just getting lost in a book. Memoirs have intrigued me for some time, so I have read several memoirs this summer as well. If you know of a good memoir, let me know. I certainly would enjoy a new one. I have been caught up in fiction for the past week or so, and I am ready for a good memoir.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer, and I hope you are all getting lost in the magical world of books.



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2 responses to “Reading, Reading, Reading!

  1. Chris Rice


    First, let me applaud you for your “new year’s resolution” and your blog. Both are marvellous! Next, I can recommend the memoir RUNNING IN THE FAMILY by Michael Ondaatji, a Canadian who writes about his going home to Sri Lanka after many, many years. The method of storytelling, the lush language, and the unfolding of family history is delicious. Give it a try. The senior IB students will read it this year.

    Get lost in all those books, lady! Have a WONDERFUL July!!!!

    • Heather Mullins


      Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. When I discovered our sophomores would be reading On the Beach, I read it immediately so that I could talk with them — even though I wasn’t at HHS anymore. I will look forward to this read and to talking with our students about it. I hope you are feeling well. I know you had surgery. Enjoy the rest of your time off.

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