Message of the Week: October 7, 2008

In keeping with the theme of literacy and vocabulary development, here are some vocabulary strategies you may want to try. 

Word Jar – For Independent Reading

The following information is written on a strip of paper and then added to the Word Jar:

1.    Word

2.    Text/Page Number

3.    Sentence in which the word was used

4.    Student’s name

At the end of class, words can be chosen from the Word Jar and read.

Students try to guess the meaning of the word.

The word is then read in context.

The teacher can use , , ,or another dictionary/thesaurus site to demonstrate how the word can be used or connected to other words.

The word can then be added to the Word Wall.


Vocabulary Frames



Vocabulary Frames is a flashcard method for learning new vocabulary.

However, this strategy should not be used for every vocabulary word encountered.

Words that introduce new concepts or ideas are best used with Vocabulary Frames.

Steele, Kathy (2008). Four Vocabulary strategies for high school students. Retrieved October 7, 2008, from LitSite Alaska Web site:



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